often times the seemingly mundane can provide a great deal of insight


girls don't poop... ladies fart

Often times we prefer to believe that which makes our lives more convenient.  Or we would rather not know about the nitty-gritty aspects that are all a part of our human story.

This is an awesome advertisement... but it does remind me of that.

I think too often... especially in the christian sub-culture, we have learned that "girls don't poop" but in other forms.  We can ask someone how they are doing.. and although they are in the midst of a mental breakdown, a relationship problem, a crisis of faith, anger at God, or whatever... the response is normally...


Why do we do that?

Are we afraid of being vulnerable? Do we assume the person asking doesn't really want to know?  Are we worried of coming across as imperfect... or ungrateful?

Probably all those things, and more, at different times.... and sometimes it is wise to save your heart for those you can trust with it.

I challenge that polished porcelain throne of aromatically pleasing lies with this.... Girls do poop.  Missionaries have meltdowns, pastors struggle with lust, your grandma wants to flip off Jesus,  whatever...

As Christ followers, we are all in process of learning what it means to be sons and daughters of the King of Kings and walking out life as a co-heir of Christ... this doesn't mean we just wallow in our own filth.. but as we learn how to live authentic lives, this whole faith thing makes a lot more sense.

ladies fart.

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